Welcome to AI Lead Hive

Where our journey is as unique as the services we offer. Born and raised in Billings, Montana, I am deeply rooted in the local community. My story isn’t one of fancy degrees or corporate ladders; it’s about real-world learning and an innate passion for the automotive industry. After a brief stint in college, I quickly realized that my true calling was much closer to home – working at my father's dealership. This experience, combined with a lifelong exposure to the car business, has equipped me with an insider’s view and a drive to innovate.

The Turning Point

My path took an exciting turn when I met a mentor who specialized in running ads for dealerships. This encounter was nothing short of a revelation. It led me to experiment, refine, and eventually perfect a business model tailored for car dealerships. The realization was startling yet clear: most dealerships in Montana were stuck in outdated marketing methods. My mission became straightforward – to revolutionize this landscape.

Our Mission

At AI Lead Hive, we're not just another digital marketing agency. We’re on a mission to replace your 'nerd marketer' who relies on automated buttons and standard third-party lead websites. We bring a breath of fresh air with strategies that are local, hands-on, and customized. Our approach is about understanding the local market dynamics, being on the ground in Montana, and offering a service that’s not just effective, but also personal and transparent.

Our Approach

Our strategy capitalizes on the undeniable truth that everyone is glued to their phones, and platforms like Facebook are more than just social networks – they're goldmines of customer data. We use this to our advantage, ensuring your dealership is not just seen but remembered. Our local edge means we understand the market like no other, crafting campaigns that speak directly to the heart of Montanans.